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Traffic authorities in 16 countries worldwide have installed 3i Traffic products in more than 500 applications. 3i Traffic is the No.1 supplier of tunnel lighting. Applications required for long run on-road lighting solutions with communication intelligence can only be undertaken using technologies from 3i Traffic and 3i Traffic's major technical advancements are patented.



3i Traffic on-road lighting products are the most competitively priced end to end solution across all economic tests, including initial hardware cost, installation cost and ongoing maintenance costs.



3i Traffic on-road lighting products offer the world's most technically advanced solution in terms of durability, light output and communication capabilities. The key factors are: no corrosion, more than 15 years of materials R&D and a virtually flush profile.



We provide a broad range of applications including crosswalks, school zones, tidal flows, emergency systems, stop lines, offramps, highway separation, traffic and intersection guidance, overhead lighting replacement.

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