3i Traffic places great value on sustainability; it is at the core of our business and who we are as people. We value the sustainability of human lives so we take our responsibility of creating products that guide and protect people on the road very seriously.


Road users, drivers, passengers and pedestrians rely on our products to work effectively in potentially life-threatening situations. Safety on the roads is at the core of sustainability for 3i.


As our world becomes busier and more complex, and people's attention is diverted, safety concerns continue to increase. 3i is leading the way in developing attention-grabbing solutions to road safety issues.
As a company with global reach, we strive to conduct our business in a manner that safeguards our employees, clients and customers, community, suppliers and the environment.


Environmental sustainability is also a vital concern in these times. Our operating processes reflect our commitment to environmental protection through energy-efficient LED lighting systems. When investing in new products, approaches or technologies, we give preference to those that have the most favorable safety and environmental effect.

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