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3i Traffic has launched its iiiSMART MOBILITY for cyclists in the 3rd Quarter of 2011 in Denmark. iiiSMART MOBILITY combines inductive-powered LED road markers with proprietary software driven by inductive enabled communication capabilities.


The iiiSMART MOBILITY 'SAFE-2-CYCLE' application interfaces with local traffic Controllers in order to establish "a green wave" effect of on-road LED markers pacing into an intersection. If the Cyclists maintain in sync with green wave then the next traffic light in the through direction is guaranteed.


The future is 'VEHICLE' applications. The 3i system has been designed to further improve the traffic flow by adjusting the speed behaviour of the individual vehicle. 3i SMART MOBILITY VEHICLE application calibrates each vehicle on the road. Each passing vehicle will be given an advisory speed by matrix signs plus to their own unique LED on road markers to follow that will form a green wave. If the advised speed is respected, again the green light at the next traffic light in the through direction is guaranteed. The system provides a substantial improvement of journey times for through traffic and a significant reduction of the number of stops. Due to the homogenization of speeds and enabling prevention of sudden red phase, the system also contributes to improving road safety. Other benefits of the system will be a reduction of air pollutants through lower vehicle emissions.


Against the background of profound changes created in LED lighting and wireless power, 3i is endeavouring to redefine world standards in safety, energy efficiency, and industrial productivity in the lighting industry.

We develop and apply advanced technologies to enhance safety and reduce traffic congestion.  Core to 3i Innovation's success has been the underlying technical advantages created through wireless power.  As there are no wired connections, there is also no corrosion meaning the units have a much longer life expectancy. Additionally, the system doesn't incorporate sparks or electrocution danger, making it much safer to use. The light units are faster to install and the system is easier to maintain than traditional approaches.  We believe a LED 3i IPT solution enhances the investment into LED lighting and represents a further breakthrough in the total cost of ownership of LED lighting systems in transportation applications.





- iiiLEVEL+ , flush-mounted LED road marker

- 3i intelligent Power supply




- Substantial improvement of journey times

- Significant reduction of the number of stops

- Prevention of sudden red phase

- Reduction of air pollutants through lower vehicle emissions


System technology

- Longer life expectancy: no wired connections, no corrosion

- Safer: no sparks or electrocution danger

- Faster: easy installation and maintenance






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