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By integrating the iiilevel™ and smartstud® products with existing traffic control systems, 3i Traffic provides a unique way of communicating with drivers. For example, a reversible lane application can help increase roadway capacity as lanes are reversed during busy hours. Once installed, 3i products complement existing signage and provide drivers with further clarification on which lanes are open and closed.

Traffic control applications include:

  • Reversible lanes
  • (Contra-flow)
  • Lane closures
  • Detours




Navigating traffic on freeways and motorways is a complex process for drivers, especially during rain, fog and other harsh climate conditions. Painted lines and reflective markers lose their effectiveness in such conditions and accidents result.


Negotiating curves especially at night is a significant risk factor in fatal accidents. Active road guidance can significantly enhance traffic flow and safety.


The intense light emitted by 3i's iiilevel™ and smartstud® products is able to penetrate moisture and actively and safely guide drivers.


Guidance applications include:

  • Lane delineation
  • Dual-left turn lanes
  • Traffic delineation
  • Hazardous curves
  • Roundabout delineation


3i iiilevel™ and smartstud® products provide high contrast delineation to warn drivers of impending obstacles and dangerous roadway situations.

Applications include:

  • Work zones
  • Bus stops and bus lanes
  • Emergency lanes
  • Hospital and fire brigade entries/exits

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