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The City of Copenhagen wants to boost safety for cyclists. With this in mind the authorities asked for a system that would allow a cyclist to cycle through a green phase and reduce congestion at crossings, as well as encouraging cyclists not to cross at a red light.



Only a system with a high level of intelligent communication and control of LED road markers was able to fulfill the requirements.

3i Innovation's SMART MOBILITY Bicycle application using inductive power that comprised flush-mounted LED on-road marking was the exact fit.

The iiiSMART MOBILITY solution comprises iiiLEVEL LED road marker with an intelligent 24V power supply controlled by proprietary software. The system is configured so that when travelling at a steady 20km/h, the rider will come to each set of lights during the green phase. The green LED road markers are installed at set distances of 7m and light up for a set period. A signal from the intelligent 3i power supply activates the lighting system after receiving an input signal from the traffic controller. As the cyclist rides along, a running green light indicates that by keeping up with the light, the rider will reach the next set of traffic lights during the green phase. Should these small LED lights turn off, cyclists know that they will not reach the next set of traffic lights during the green phase and can be slowing down accordingly, without risking having to jump crossing at red. Speed and time intervals can be adjusted as needed.



City of Copenhagen, Denmark


3i Innovation Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand




Sagitar Verkehrstechnik, Krefeld, Germany


Swarco Denmark, Sagitar Verkehrstechnik, Krefeld, Germany


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