School zones


Children are high risk pedestrians near roads because of their inattention and the risks increase considerably when there are groups of children, especially in school zones.

Increased foot traffic in school zones, and cars travelling at speed increase the chances of fatal accidents.

  • If you're hit by a car going 30kph (20mph) there is a 10% chance you'll be killed.
  • At 50kph (30mph) it is 50 per cent.
  • At 65kph (40mph) it is 90 per cent!

The higher the speed, the greater the chance that pedestrians hit in accidents will be killed.



3i Schoolzone system influences drivers' behaviour and alertness resulting in improved awareness of the school zone and a reduction in speed.


The system improves the behaviour of children crossing the street by instilling the discipline to look for in-pavement tiles to activate the system, therefore reducing the chance they will impulsivly cross the street.


3i Schoolzone system is designed to alert drivers with flashing, high intensity LED road markers on the center line and in front of the crossing. It can be combined with the SmartPed™ and flashing signs. The system functions can be programmed to operate at specific times of the day.




Installation of a traffic safety system designed for school zones that reduces drivers' speed.

Installing high contrast warning lights that are easy and flexible to install can reduce the number of fatal accidents. An alerted driver will travel at a slower speed and will drive with greater awareness, reducing the number of accidents and save lives.


  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Easy replacement of lights;
  • No corrosion;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Powered by solar panels (optional);
  • Improved security and traffic flow advantages through SmartPed™


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