3i Crosswalk system



Reliable pedestrian presence detection.

SmartPed™ is a system designed to automatically detect the presence of pedestrians waiting to cross at traffic signals or for the activation of in-roadway warning lights.

Implementation improves traffic flow at signalized intersections or mid-block crossings by verifying pedestrians are still waiting resulting in better signal compliance and traffic flow. This encourages much safer behaviour, benefiting both pedestrians and drivers alike.

It is ideally suited for specialized pedestrian crossings which include school crosswalks and areas where pedestrian usage is focused during particular time periods.




Acting as an active warning device to drivers 3i Crosswalk in-pavement lighting alerts drivers of a pedestrian's need to cross the street and consequently provides pedestrians a safer crossing site.

It is comprised of high intensity, in-pavement markers that can be set to flash at either slow or rapid pace. Markers are compact and highly durable providing both night time and daytime visibility.




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