Crosswalks are created to provide pedestrians safe access across busy streets. However, many accidents still occur at crosswalks, some of which are fatal. This affects both uncontrolled and controlled crosswalks and the risk peaks at night when a driver's visibility is further reduced.




3i Crosswalk in-road lighting alerts drivers that pedestrians need to cross the street, therefore providing pedestrians with safer crossing sites.


It provides high contrast for nighttime and daytime visibility.


The 3i Crosswalk system can be adapted to individual crossing situations. It consists of high intensity LED in-road markers activated by in-pavement tiles (SmartPed™) that detect pedestrians waiting to cross the street. The system can be powered by solar panels.


The 3i Crosswalk system can change drivers' behaviour when it comes to giving way to pedestrians, especially at uncontrolled crosswalks.


Installation of active crosswalk safety systems.


Independent studies of in-road lighting systems have found up to an 80% reduction in accidents through:

  • Reduction in vehicle speed;
  • Increase in braking distances.


  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Easy replacement of lights;
  • No corrosion;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Powered by solar panels (optional);
  • Additional security and traffic flow advantages through SmartPed™.


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